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    I've got bad news and good news.

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    I'm gonna give the bad news first like The Godfather says.

    The Bad News is that most 
    people break their New Year's resolutions within about a week. It's already 13 days 
    in this new year.

    But a small percentage of people transform their lives.

    The bad news is that without somebody pushing you, you're not likely to change.

    Somebody has to push you.
     Or else you are what scientists call "risk-averse".

    Meaning you don't change.

    By the time you're 25 years old, you'll have less of something they 
    call"neuroplasticity" which means you're less open to change.

    If you 
    try to teach a two-year-old a new language, they pick it up in a month. 
    If you try to teach an 80-year-old a new language, they can probably 
    never learn it with the correct accent.

    I'm not saying you shouldn't try 
    to learn if you're 80, I'm just saying let's just be real.

    That's the bad 
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    The good news for some of you that have an issue with procrastination and lack 
    of productivity is that you can overcome it and be better this year.

    So it can go away and you have the rest of 2018 to work on yourself and become 
    whatever you want to be.

    Stay Strong,
    Jaime Nicacio,"Entrepreneur"

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